JAL to roll out new uniforms in first half of fiscal year 2013


JAL Group has decided to roll out new uniforms for all employees in the air transportation organizations in the first half of 2013. By doing so, all employees will have a consistent designs of uniforms because right now some employees still have uniforms with the old logos! Details of the design will be announced in a later date but JAL has reveals the concepts and goals behind the design.

1. Brand Recognition
The new uniform will definitely have the new tsurumaru logo which is missing in some of the current uniforms (which still have The Arc of the Sun logo). JAL aims to provide a consistent uniform design for the employee in the air transportation organizations so customers can immediately recognize them as JAL Group employees.

2. Clean and High-Quality Design
The design will emphasize JAL's hospitality and friendly service from hearts.

3. Spirit of Challenge
While keeping the japanese culture in mind, the design will also shows that JAL Group is willing to try new things and challenges

4. Cost Reduction
Of course everything comes back to cost reduction at the end of the day. They will pick the material that will last so they don't have to repair or replace them too often. Of course, at the same time they would want to select a comfortable uniform with good texture.

The new cabin attendant uniforms and the customer facing hospitality ground staff uniforms will be designed by Mr. Keita Maruyama, a well known Japanese designer. While uniforms of the rest of the group will be designed by the JAL Design Department.

Last time when JAL rolled out their new uniforms after the JAL-JAS merge, they held a fashion show. I am looking forward to seeing these new uniforms. But I hope they don't change their uniforms to all reds to match the new cabin color scheme LOL

For more details, you can refer to JAL Press Release (Japanese only).

Below is the fashion show JAL held before they rolled out the current generation of uniforms in April 2004. Enjoy!



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