Booking Oneworld Yokoso has become so much easier


Couple of days ago, Japan Airlines (JAL) has rolled out the online booking engine for oneworld Yokoso tickets (the super discounted 10,000 yen domestic ticket for visitors). Before, you will have to either go through a travel agent or through JAL reservation center. You will have to pay for the reservation fee if you choose to go through JAL. These all has changed. All you need is your itinerary with e-ticket numbers and you are set (well at least for those who want to book through JAL North America website). But since Yokoso tickets are meant for people who lived outside of Japan and JAL can't really check your country of residence online, JAL has implemented an extra step at check-in to verify your eligibility. At check-in you are required to present an official ID with you foreign address on it. Not sure how it works with IDs without address such as the HKID. But those who have been traveling on Yokoso recently has reported that this check isn't enforced right now. Not sure if that's because they booked the ticket before the roll out of online booking or the agents just aren't aware of the change. Either way, make sure you have your ID with you in case they do check. If you found ineligible for Yokoso, you will be asked to purchase a new ticket which could be expensive ;)

For more details on Yokoso online booking, you can refer to JAL website. Note that other regions haven't rolled out this online booking engine yet. I have only seen this on the North America website so far.



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