JAL announces change to elite extra checked baggage allowance from April 1


Japan Airlines is unifying its checked baggage rules from April 1 on international flights. All flights will be under the new piece system. Now JAL has announced the updated elite benefits under the new baggage rules.

JGC/JMB Diamond/JGC Premier/JGC Sapphire:
Weigh System: 20kg extra -> 20 kg extra (i.e. no change)
Piece System (in Y): 2x23kg extra (i.e. total of 4x23kg) -> 1x32kg extra (i.e. total of 1x32kg and 2x23kg)
Piece System (in C/F): 2x32kg extra (i.e. total of 4x32kg) -> 1x32kg extra (i.e. total of 4x32kg)

JMB Crystal (no change):
Weigh System: 10kg
Piece System: 1 piece extra (23kg per piece in Y and 32 kg per piece in C/F)

Basically it doesn't affect you if you are flying C/F. But you gain a bigger allowance for 1 piece but lose an extra piece when you fly in Y.

I have mixed feelings about this change. On one hand I get one 32kg piece if I am flying in Y but on the other hand, now I only have 3 pieces (1x32kg + 2x23kg) :(

Source: JAL website (Japanese)



  1. Hi JALPak !

    Question, does this effect oneWorld Status members as well or only JMB Members with respective status as you described here?


  2. Sebastian,

    Only JMB frequent flyers are affected as extra baggage allowance is not a benefit of the oneworld alliance