JAL might switch to piece checked baggage allowance system on all international flights


Currently Japan Airlines (JAL) have two different systems for checked baggage allowance: piece system for flights to and from US and Canada, and weigh system for the rest of the flights. The same thing applies to ANA's flights. But ANA announced they will switch to piece system from April 1 2011 on all international flights, thus simplifying the system and arguably giving more check baggage allowances for other passengers. According to Asahi, JAL is considering to do the same thing.

Under ANA's new system, all checked baggage must has a linear dimension (width+height+depth) that is less than 203cm. And the allowances are 2 pieces of 23kg, 2 pieces of 32kg, and 3 pieces of 32kg for Y, C, and F passengers respectively.

Although this will simplify the system, I like the current weigh system better because as a JGC member, I can check an extra 20kg under the weigh system and not have to worry about how heavy my luggages are. But under the new piece system, I have to make sure each piece is under 23kg when I fly in Y and under 32kg in other classes (which shouldn't be a problem...I don't think I can lift such an heavy luggage :p) So which one do you actually prefer?

For details on JAL's current checked baggage allowance, you can refer to JAL website. And here is ANA's new system effective from April 1 2011.



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