JAL canceled remaining Boeing 777-300ER orders?


Back in January when JAL filed for bankruptcy, there were 71 unfilled Boeing orders including 20 737-800's, 9 767-300ER's, 7 777-300ER's widebodies and 35 787's. JAL originally scheduled to take more 773 this fall but I just checked Boeing's website, JAL only has 60 unfilled orders left and Boeing has only delivered 4 738's to JAL this year so far. There are no more unfilled 773 orders left! :( Well this all make sense because JAL don't need anymore large sized aircraft at the moment. Too bad I was hoping to fly on JA744J. I guess that's not going to happen any time soon :(

So if you are hoping for the JAL Suites to make it to the European network, you will have to wait for JAL to reconfigure its older 773 fleet. With JL001/002 downsizing to 772, JAL only has 1 spare 773, not enough to have a daily JAL Suite to Europe :)



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