SFO got screw once again!


You probably know by now when Japan Airlines (JAL) switches San Francisco (SFO) route (JL001/002) from Narita (NRT) to Haneda (HND), it will lose First class service. But a month before the switch, JAL screws folks at SFO once again by switching it to W73 config between September 5 and 30, i.e. no JAL Suite nor NEO seats, only Solo and Shell Flat. This is not the first time JAL has done this. In fact, every time there's an aircraft routing change or maintenance that requires taking one of the new 773 out of service, SFO is the one who got switched out. JAL did this a couple of times last year. So if you are flying JL001/002 within that period, make sure you check your seat assignment because there could be better options now. Good luck!



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