Hello JAL Skyrecliner and MAGIC-V - New Regional Business Class Seats and IFE! [Updated]


JAL new regional business class seat JAL Skyrecliner
JAL new regional business class seat JAL Skyrecliner. Image by Japan Airlines

Finally Japan Airlines announced its new regional business class seat - JAL Skyrecliner, and the new in-flight entertainment system MAGIC-V! The new seats and IFE will be installed on the four brand new 767-300ER aircraft and will be introduced on Haneda-Beijing and Haneda-Singapore routes starting this month.

The new JAL Skyrecliner seats has a 2-2-2 configuration on 763. The seat pitch is approximately 129.5cm (51 inches) and reclines to 132 degrees . The seat is modeled after the JAL domestic First Class seat and is shaped like a plush-sofa (but to me it looks more like the Shell Flat or NEO seats, but without the complete shell). It is made with fine upholstery which enhances the sense of being pampered. Additional features include an optional large partition between the seats which will improve privacy, and expanded seat pockets. The personal TV screen is now 10.6 inches and it comes with a USB port for video input and a PC power port in each seat! Also, the armrests are removable so wheelchair can be installed. JAL also incorporated the Universal Design concepts in this seat, e.g. the seat controller buttons are now bigger and ergonomic, therefore easier for everyone to adjust the seat position :)

Video inputs for MAGIC-V
Video inputs for MAGIC-V. Image by Japan Airlines.

MAGIC-V 16:9 screen
MAGIC-V 16:9 screen. Image by Japan Airlines.

The new MAGIC-V is of course AVOD! It is developed based on the popular MAGIC-III system! New features include

  • Handseat and touch screen control, available in ALL classes (um...I have mixed feelings about touch screen control. I don't like people poking into my head. Think about when you sit in Y)
  • Video input through USB. Passengers can plug in their iPod, digital camera, camcorder and display photos and videos onto the 16:9 IFE monitor (hopefully no one will watch any inappropriate contents)
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) feature. So you can watch a movie and see the navigation map at the same time!
  • Interactive map feature allowing passengers to choose how to view the flight map
  • Realistic and stunning 3D graphics, including golf games!

The refresh for JAL regional business class seats is long overdue! Are you excited about the new seat and IFE? This is probably the new seats and IFE developed for 787 too. Not sure if JAL will deploy the new MAGIC-V onto 773 or not.

According to my little birdie (you know who you are), the new A43 configuration will have the same number of C seats but 10 less Y seats (30C197Y) than A41. The seat map hasn't been uploaded to JAL website yet but you can go figure!

JAL Press Release (Japanese only for now)
English version via Asahi



  1. BTW it is USB port not USD port (well we love USD afterall :p )

  2. Thanks! I have fixed the typo. That's what happened when you blog at 1am :)

  3. What is the progress of this? and when will it be completed?

  4. Completed? I don't think JAL is retrofitting existing 763. Only newly delivered 763 will have these new products onboard.