JAL opens new Haneda lounges [Update 2]


JAL opens new Haneda Lounges
JAL opens new Haneda Lounges. Image by Japan Airlines.

[Update 2: JAL clarifies for promotional period and opening date of the Arrival Lounge]
[Update 1: Arrival lounge eligibility. OW in talks with JAL to let OW elites use this lounge for a limited period of time :( ]

Japan Airlines will open its new domestic lounges at Haneda tomorrow and the international ones the day after. Details including entry criteria of the first ever JAL arrival lounge have been announced.


First Class Lounge
  • Same style used in NRT First Class lounge
  • Designed to pamper customers with luxurious personal space.

Sakura Lounge
  • Has 3 different zones:
    1. Business Express: equipped with IT facilities to support business travelers' needs
    2. Deli & Entertainment: just like a sports bar where customers can enjoy food, beverages and tv program
    3. Quiet and Relax: equipped with comfortable sofas and state-of-art massage chairs so red-eye passengers can rest before their flight.
  • Collaborate with HND popular restaurants e.g. KIHACHI and Akasaka Rikyu to provide proper meals for late-night departure passengers
  • Maison Kayser bread in both departure and arrival lounge (the same ones found in NRT lounges)
  • Seasonal wines
  • Other basic amenities such as shower rooms, PC power, free wi-fi and LAN, printer, etc
  • Hours: Oct 21-29: 06:30-20:00; From Oct 30: 06:00-25:30

Arrival Lounge

  • Only JAL First class passengers (there's no first class service on HND routes yet), JMB Diamond and JGC Premier members can enter.
  • JMB Sapphire, JGC members and business class passengers are excluded. But for a limited time, they will be invited to use the arrival lounge. The promotional period is Nov 1 2010 - March 31 2011.
  • NO Oneworld elites. [Update: OW partners are in talk with JAL. If they can reach an agreement, OW Sapphire and above will be able to use this lounge like JMB's elite for a limited period of time (till March 31 2011), read this Press Release for more details]
  • 6 shower suites, semi-private rooms with sofa seats, free internet connection and light snacks are served
  • The lounge looks tiny in the picture
  • Opens from Oct 21 2010 (so it's open now)

For more pictures and details on the international lounges (including picture of food), you can refer to JAL website (in Japanese)


Diamond Premier Lounge

  • 3 zones just like the international lounge
    1. Bar: full-service bar
    2. Library: equipped with business facilities and collection of books on JAL and novels on Japan’s aviation industry and other travel destinations
    3. Private & Relax: an area where passengers can get undisturbed rest (created for international passengers with domestic connections)
  • Clear view of the runway
  • Cloakroom
  • Maison Kayser bread in morning hours

Sakura Lounge

  • "Ladies-only" area with isolated cubicles and ample space whether they need to touch-up on their make-up or to sort out their luggage
  • "Kids" area with cushioned mats, picture books and view of planes on the runway
  • Pay per use option. Need to reserve in advance and pay 3,000 yen per entry fee in cash

For more details and pictures of the domestic lounges, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese only)

JAL Press Release (English, Japanese) contains more pictures (though tiny) of the new lounges, I highly recommend looking at them to have an idea of what the lounges are like.



  1. Only 6 showers in the arrival lounge! Compare that to BA LHR T5 or QF/BA SIN. Can't imagine it being brilliant in the morning.
    Then again I guess CX gets away with it in HKG

  2. Since only JAL's top elites qualify for this lounge, it shouldn't be a problem. But there are talks to let OW Sapphire and above to use this lounge for a limited time. I hope that won't come through