JAL Express "Let's Do Our Best, Japan!" Livery


JAL Express "Let's Do Out Best, Japan!" livery
JAL Express "Let's Do Out Best, Japan!" livery. Image by Japan Airlines.

Japan Airlines (JAL) has unveil the JAL Express (JEX) new livery. They will put "JAL Express" on the fuselage just like before. The 73H with the new livery will be the first plane to land at SDJ when it partially reopens on April 13 2011. JAL has added the slogan "Ganbarou Nippon" (Let's Do Our Best, Japan!) on the fuselage too. Below is a picture on Manichi Daily News provided by JAL.

According to @ikarosairline, the plane will be JA302J.

For more pictures you can visit Manichi Daily News.



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