JAL added more domestic suspensions in April


Japan Airlines (JAL) added more domestic flights to its list of domestic flight suspensions. This time JTA flights between Okinawa and Ishigaki. Below are the flights affected and the flights passengers on those flights will be rebooked on.

OKA-ISG NU601 07:15-08:15 will be replaced by NU603 08:20-09:20 on Apr 21-28
OKA-ISG NU613 14:05-15:05 will be replaced by NU615 14:50-15:50 on Apr 20, 25-27
ISG-OKA NU612 13:10-14:05 will be replaced by NU614 13:45-14:40 on Apr 20, 25-27
ISG-OKA NU628 20:30-21:20 will be replaced by NU626 19:50-20:40 on Apr 20-27

For complete list of suspensions, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese only)



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