Rumor: List of 31 JAL domestic routes to be suspended by March 2011


Finally I found the rumored Japan Airlines (JAL) domestic suspension list from Yomiuri Online. According to the report, JAL will be shifting focus to Haneda. Currently JAL has 150 domestic routes and if JAL cuts all 31 routes listed, that means JAL is cutting 20% of its domestic network!

Below is the list from Yomiuri Online

Chitose (CTS) - Kushiro (KUH)
Chitose (CTS) - Yamagata (GAJ)
Chitose (CTS) - Izumo (IZO) [seasonal]
Chitose (CTS) - Tokushima (TKS) [seasonal]
Sapporo Okadama (OKD) - Kushiro (KUH)

Hakodate (HKD) - Sapporo Okadama (OKD)
Hakodate (HKD) - Asahikawa (AKJ)
Hakodate (HKD) - Kushiro (KUH)
Hakodate (HKD) - Okushiri (OIR)

Komaki (NKM) - Tokachi-Obihiro (OBO)
Komaki (NKM) - Akita (AXT)
Komaki (NKM) - Yamagata (GAJ)
Komaki (NKM) - Niigata (KIJ)
Komaki (NKM) - Matsuyama (MYJ)
Komaki (NKM) - Kochi (KCZ)
Komaki (NKM) - Fukuoka (FUK)
Komaki (NKM) - Nagasaki (NGS)
Komaki (NKM) - Kumamoto (KMJ)
Chubu (NGO) - Chitose (CTS)
Chubu (NGO) - Aomori (AOJ)
Chubu (NGO) - Sendai (SDJ)
Chubu (NGO) - Kagoshima (KOJ)

Itami (ITM) - Misawa (MSJ) (HND left)
Itami (ITM) - Matsuyama (MYJ)
Itami (ITM) - Fukuoka (FUK)
Kansai (KIX) - Fukuoka (FUK)

Hiroshima-Nishi (HIW) - Miyazaki (KMI)

Matsuyama (MYJ) - Okinawa Naha (OKA)

Kagoshima (KOJ) - Okayama (OKJ)
Kagoshima (KOJ) - Hiroshima-Nishi (HIW)
Kagoshima (KOJ) - Takamatsu (TAK)

The airports JAL will withdraw from (excluding those seasonal operations) are Sapporo Okadama (OKD), Okushiri (OIR), Komaki (NKM), and Hiroshima-Nishi (HIW). Quite a number of airports such as Kushiro (KUH), Hakodate (HKD), Tokachi-Obihiro (OBO), and Asahikawa (AKJ) will only have 1 route to Haneda (HND). And Niigata (KIJ) will only have one year long route to Itami (ITM) left. And Fukuoka (FUK) is completely cut off from Osaka after the ITM and KIX suspensions! I guess people from Osaka don't fly enough to Fukuoka :(

Here is the English version of the report which doesn't provide the list of routes to be suspended.

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