Rumor: List of 29 JAL international routes to be suspended by March 2011


Yomiuri Online reports that Japan Airlines (JAL) will increase its international and domestic route suspensions.

JAL will now suspend 29 instead of 16 international routes and around 30 of domestic routes. My guess is this probably have to do with the lenders who demanded for deeper cuts otherwise they won't be lending JAL money. Also, A300-600 will be added to the retirement list and will be gone with 747-400 by year end. Finally no more Airbus in JAL's fleet.

Below are the rumored international route suspensions, some of them have already been suspended.

Narita (NRT) - San Francisco (SFO)*
Narita (NRT) - Mexico City (MEX) [suspended]
Narita (NRT) - São Paulo (GRU)*
Narita (NRT) - Amsterdam (AMS)
Narita (NRT) - Rome (FCO)
Narita (NRT) - Milan (MXP)*
Narita (NRT) - Denpasar (DPS)*
Narita (NRT) - Qingdao (TAO) [suspended]
Narita (NRT) - Hangzhou (HGH) [suspended]
Narita (NRT) - Xiamen (XMN) [suspended]
Narita (NRT) - Kona (KOA)*
Narita (NRT) - Brisbane (BNE)

Kansai (KIX) - London (LHR) [suspended]
Kansai (KIX) - Bangkok (BKK)*
Kansai (KIX) - Hanoi (HAN) [suspended]
Kansai (KIX) - Denpasar (DPS)*
Kansai (KIX) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL) [suspended]
Kansai (KIX) - Beijing (PEK)*
Kansai (KIX) - Guangzhou (CAN)*
Kansai (KIX) - Dalian (DLC) [suspended]
Kansai (KIX) - Hangzhou (HGH) [suspended]
Kansai (KIX) - Hong Kong (HKG)*
Kansai (KIX) - Incheon (ICN) [suspended]
Kansai (KIX) - Gimhae (PUS) [suspended]

Nagoya (NGO) - Paris (CDG) [suspended]
Nagoya (NGO) - Bangkok (BKK)*
Nagoya (NGO) - Guangzhou (CAN)*
Nagoya (NGO) - Tianjin (TSN)*
Nagoya (NGO) - Incheon (ICN) [suspended]

*New additions to the plan

But JAL will be launching 7 Haneda routes, including SFO and CDG. So JL001/002 are safe. :)

For the domestic suspensions, Mainichi Daily News' report will give you some ideas of which routes are in danger. Or you can refer to my other post.

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  1. Hello Jal-pak,
    I just came back from ASIA and I have been traveling with JAL this time ,
    JL 001 : delayed 1 hour and only 45 minutes at NRT to HKG connection !
    used BA lounge instead Sakura as second time and it was nice to use and quiet and comfort , good meal provided.
    JL792 : I moved from Hangzhou by bus, took me down to Shanghai Pudong 5 hours !!! it was terrible story I had. I asked JL to provide any alternate solution for cancelled hangzhou- nrt but no one in JL reservation knows the alternative, sigh...
    I also used 37VIP lounge due to full in Sakura Sahnghai, and it was also nice and food, drinks are similar to JL.

    When I moved back from OSAKA/ITM to NRT, I discovered a man had with PROM status on his boarding card and I was told he is VIP ( probably he is executive management in big company ) and he took my seat , 1H and I needed to seat 1J ( middle seat ) of 737-800 ... JLML has no effciency against PROM and PRST ( as VIP member and regardless how much they have flew at JAL ... ), sigh... too...

    And again JL002 delayed to depart 20 minutes from NRT and arrived at SFO at 11:30AM, oh... my god !

    Regarding JL001/JL002 cancel to NRT and move to HND,
    there are several things I need to know ...

    1. how is the connection flight to ASIA ?
    2. how schedule looks like ? red eye flight ? or as same as NL001/002 ?

    Anyway JL needs to do quick recovery to survive because the gov. supports only for 3 yrs !!!

    I will see JL people in the next week !


  2. This sounds terrible...aren't JAL supposed to be the most on time airlines? Are the delays due to weather? Basically you have to walk to the HKG gate from your SFO gate and board :P But technically your NRT-SFO flight isn't delayed. It arrives within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time :)

    But how come you visited the BA lounge in NRT? Aren't they at T1??? Or did you mean the BA lounge at SFO?

    Isn't the alternative to Hangzhou is to fly NRT-PEK-HGH? The last leg is a MU flight though. Not sure if JAL codeshare on that flight but at least it's an alternative than a freaking 5 hour bus ride!

    Regarding the SFO-HND flights, I have no further information than the ones stated in the article. But based on what I have read so far, it will be a red-eye flight to HND because of the time restrictions at HND. Long-haul flights have to arrive and depart between 11 PM and 6 AM. So both the ex-HND and ex-SFO flights will be a red-eye ones.

    There will be some connections during the day time, mostly to Korea and China, and possibly Hong Kong (ANA will have a day time HKG flight). But if you want to connect to medium-haul flights like SIN, it might not be possible. But all these are just my guess, we will have to wait for the official announcement from JAL.

    Have fun at the meeting with the JAL account manager!


  3. And yes, no matter how often you fly, you can't beat the VIP. They are politicians, celebrities, ceos, etc...Maybe you can ask the JAL account manager to make you one too :P If he can make you one, can you ask him/her to put a note on my account saying this is one of the most loyal customers too so they can exploit my loyalty and squeeze more money out of me. My status can be JM$M :P haha

  4. Hello JAPak,
    Sorry to give you confusion, I used SFO-BA lounge due to full at SFO-Sakura ( I was guided by JAL staff, she coul d not a seat for me at all.. )
    I only had less than 1 hour at NRT to connect to HKG flight... I believe JAL did the best at NRT and SFO airport and the delay came from cascading delay from other airport to NRT.

    Thanks for the alternative inf. for HGH-NRT, I may be able to get an answer tomorrow from JAL reservation as well... I will double check any code share available or not at the last leg and let you know the result.

    it seems JL HND-SFO flight like CX red eye flight but no confirmation yet... I also let you know the result if they know.

    Yeah... hope I have exciting time with them !!!