Check out the virtual tour of JAL SKY SUITE 777 and possible rollout schedule


JAL launched virtual tour on its new long-haul SKY SUITE 777 cabins
JAL launched virtual tour on its new long-haul SKY SUITE 777 cabins. Image from Japan Airlines

As you might have heard, Japan Airlines (JAL) has been flying its brand new long-haul products in all classes on Boeing 777-300ER, dubbed SKY SUITE 777 (SS7), on its flights between Tokyo Narita (NRT) and London Heathrow (LHR) for almost a month now. SS7 has been used on the LHR route since January 9 2013 on alternate days and will turn into daily service from February 26 2013. For those of us who aren't lucky enough to see the new SS7 cabins in person, JAL has launched a new virtual tour of SS7. So you can finally check out all four cabins yourself virtually here :P And surprisingly JAL has both Japanese and English version ready on day 1 this time :D

JAL also launched a microsite today called SKY SUITE STYLE. It features the renewed inflight experience on the new Business Class cabin on flight from NRT to LHR. The site walks you through different phases during the flight, from welcome drink after departure to meal time and rest time one by one. But unfortunately the site is in Japanese only but hey a picture is worth more than a thousand words right? So those who don't read Japanese can still look at the pictures :P

The SS7 service will be rolled out to the rest of its 777-300ER routes in Europe, North America, and Asia in the next 12 months or so as JAL plans to retrofit 1 plane per month. Although that was the original plan before the 787-8 grounding. Hopefully JAL does not have to pull the reserved 777-300ER to meet the capacity.

Currently it looks like a North America destination is getting the SS7 next some time in April as the schedule shows Frankfurt (FRA) route will get JAL Suite 1.0 and JAL Shell Flat NEO seats on odd-numbered days starting from April 5 2013 and will get them daily from May 17 2013. Up till now, the W82 configuration with NEO seats have been exclusively used on flights to North America and Jakarta. Seeing W82 configuration on the FRA route means those used on one of the North America routes will get something else, most likely SS7. So my *guess* would be New York route will be getting SS7 some time in early April, first on alternate days, and will turn into daily service in mid to late May. But that's just my speculation based on the configuration shown in the booking engine right now. So this could change at any time and you should wait for the official announcement from JAL if you want to be sure before booking your flight :)



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