JAL regains the most on-time arrival title in 2012


Japan Airlines (JAL) once again was recognized as the most on-time major international carrier in 2012. Its subsidiary J-AIR was also recognized as the most on-time regional carrier in Asia in 2012 by independent aviation performance tracking company FlightStats.

FlightStats started the On-Time Performance Service (OPS) Awards back in 2009 and JAL has been awarded the most on-time major international carriers for 3 out of the last 4 years. Last year JAL lost the title to another Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) by a thin margin. This year JAL has finally regained the title with an on-time arrival rate of 90.35%, up from previous year.

Another category JAL has been dominating was the Asia Regional Airlines category. Its subsidiaries have been the winners and held majority of the 5 finalists spots since the inaugural of the OPS Awards. This year, J-AIR was once again awarded the title with on-time arrival rate of 92.58%

A new category of most on-time Airline Alliance was added this year and oneworld was awarded as the winner with an on-time arrival rate of 79.55%.

However, JAL Group as a whole including codeshare flights operating by its partners this year has lost to ANA in the Global Airline title. But JAL Group is still one of the finalists in this category and only lost to ANA by a razor-thin margin: 85.41% vs 85.46%!

The only category JAL qualifies for but didn't make it to the finalists is the new Lowest Global Cancellations category which ANA won with a 0.22% cancellation rate. Unfortunately with the recent 787 grounding, it will be really hard for ANA and JAL to make it to the finalists and win in 2013.

For more details and complete list of current and past OPS Awards winners, you can refer to FlightStats website. Here are JAL Press Releases in English and Japanese, and a special page in Japanese and English on these achievements.

Interestingly on last year's winners and finalists page, FlightStats used the current logos for all JAL subsidiaries but on this year's page, the old Arc of The Sun logos were used for some subsidiaries!? (Edit: FlightStats has fixed the logos. All JAL subsidiaries now with the current logos)



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