JAL extends two bonus FLY ON Points campaigns till end of 2013


As expected, Japan Airlines (JAL) will once again extend the two bonus FLY ON Point (FOP) campaigns they have been running in past years. Under these campaigns, JAL Card holders will earn 10-20% extra FOPs and passengers flying eligible fares will earn 200 - 400 extra FOPs.

FLY ON Point Bonus Campaign
Despite All Nippon Airways (ANA) is changing their program this year to let all regional flights to earn 1.5x Premium Points (ANA's equivalent of FOPs), JAL is keeping their existing program unchanged. This means domestic flights will continue to earn 2x FOPs, flights to and from China and Hong Kong will earn 1.5x FOPs while the rest of the international flights will continue to earn 1x FOPs. For higher fares, you will be given 200-400 extra FOP bonus. This campaign has been extended till December 31 2013. For more details, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese, English)

JAL Card FLY ON Point Bonus Campaign
JAL has been running this campaign targeting JAL Card holders since they filed for bankruptcy couple of years ago. Eligible JAL Card holders will be able to earn 10-20% extra FOPs on their flights. This campaign has been once again extended till December 31 2013. For more details, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese, English)

I still think the JAL Card campaign is a bit unfair to overseas members who most likely don't qualify for a JAL Card. But JAL regulars who live overseas probably have gotten used to this kind of discrimination LOL. After all JAL has to remain competitive in its main battle ground with ANA which is Japan :P But would be nice if they could offer similar campaigns to overseas JAL affiliated cards holders. But I am not counting on that happening any time soon (or ever!)



  1. JAL-Pak
    In the JAL affiliated card for Americans, they offer a 10% sector bonus miles. Link is http://www.jalusacard.com/en/campaign_02.php#campaign_b Does this count to the FOP mileage? Thank you.

  2. Unfortunately the bonus 10% does not count towards your FOPs.