Cathay Pacific Airways unveils its refreshed First Class product [Updated]


The refreshed Cathay Pacific First Class cabin
The refreshed Cathay Pacific First Class cabin. Image by Cathay Pacific Airways

[Update: Added picture of the new CX sleep suite by PYE]

Today, Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) finally reveals more details and more importantly pictures of the upcoming First Class cabin. As I reported last month, this is just an incremental update to keep the products fresh to its First Class passengers as CX sees no pressing need to completely overhaul its First Class product as this point.

Cathay Pacific First Class upgrades its first class seat with a more premium look
Cathay Pacific First Class upgrades its first class seat with a more premium look. Image by Cathay Pacific Airways

New Cathay Pacific First Class cabin from the back
New Cathay Pacific First Class cabin from the back. Image by Cathay Pacific Airways

The new cabin is designed by Foster + Partners, who also designed the First Class Lounge of The Wing in Hong Kong. Below are the highlights of the new design and features.

  • The suite enclosure now features a highly glossy dark grey texture material
  • Side console and interior now wrapped in natural leather with subtle linings, refined stitching and fewer panels
  • Leather pads with subtle stitching on latches
  • Seat fabric although is not leather, it is custom-made and has a soft and smooth texture
  • Individual hand-made artworks made of copper and steel created by Maria Lobo and Linda Leviton
  • More adjustable meal table
  • More Spacious personal closet
  • Additional space inside the console compartment for personal items
  • Add a new drink holder on the new side console top 
  • New wash basin and counter top have been installed in the lavatory
  • New 4.3" LCD touch-screen controller for seat and lighting adjustments
  • New tailor-made reading lights with 5 level of brightness with wider rotation angle
  • Upgraded to BOSE QuiteComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones
  • Added iPhone/iPod connector for passengers to watch their own videos through their personal screen (not sure if iPhone 5 is supported)
  • Added USB port for device charging
  • Redesigned bedding made with high-quality 500 thread count cotton fabrics
  • Thicker mattress will be provided
  • New sleep suit made with 100% organic cotton and designed by PYE
  • Female passengers will be provided with a new Trussardi amenity bag in complementary colors, while male passengers will continue to get amenity kits in an Ermenegildo Zegna black pouch.

Cathay Pacific has upgraded its First Class bedding which includes thicker mattrees
Cathay Pacific has upgraded its First Class bedding which includes thicker mattrees. Image by Cathay Pacific Airways

The new cabin will be rolled out on July 26 2013 and the entire 777-300ER fleet will be retrofitted to the new cabin by third quarter of 2014. Since the 747-400 fleet will be retired soon, CX has decided not to retrofit them.

While leather suite interior is nice, I am not so sure how easy it is to maintain these light colored leather. Also a bit disappointed that the seat is still not made by leather for some reason. The black exterior wall doesn't work for me but it might look better in person.

Feature wise, the the new seat and light controls sounds like a good idea as I found the ones in the old seat not that user friendly. I am also glad that CX finally adds the multi-port connector in First Class so next time I can project a JAL logo on the screen when I take a picture of the cabin (well if there's a next time) LOL. BOSE headphones also provides the much needed update to the existing headphones. Too bad that the bedding is still not made by memory foam. But hopefully it is thick enough such that you won't feel the bumps on the seat anymore.

Sadly the press release does not provide more information other than the ones we knew already. Hopefully we will see some extensive reviews soon on the seats and lavatory to find out what CX meant on things like "more spacious cabinet".

New CX First Class Sleep Suite by PYE. Image by PYE

PYE has posted a picture of the new CX Sleep Suite and amenities on its Facebook page. The new sleep suite will continue to have a traditional Chinese look just like the old Shanghai Tang one. Not sure if CX will continue to have different colors of its sleep suite on outbound and inbound flights though.



  1. Thanks for this. Wish CX had First Class service from YYZ...