This is exactly how a campaign shouldn't be run


I am no PR or advertising expert. But it's sad to see how the 50% bonus miles on LAX flights I posted a few days ago are being promoted on JAL North America website. The only link I have seen so far is on the JMB page below, which is not the most obvious link you can see. If you can't find it below, continue reading to find out where it is.

JAL North America website

If you haven't found it yet, look again at the tiny banner on the right hand side. Still don't see it? I completely understand since I have missed it myself for the first few times. Look at the big red arrow below.

If you think that's bad enough? How about not having this campaign listed under the current campaign list? And there's nothing on the front page either (while other campaign has a link). Don't believe me? Look at it yourself at the picture below.

JAL American Region Campaign List page
JAL American Region Campaign List page

JAL American Region website front page
JAL American Region website front page

Come on JAL, you can run a better campaign than this! If not because I have signed up for the newsletters, I would have definitely missed this chance to earn 50% bonus miles. I assume the purpose of running this campaign is to attract more people flying JL061/062. But if people don't know about this campaign, how could this serve its purpose?



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