Stalker alert on JL061 LOL


I came across this video on youtube last night. A passenger on JL061 recorded the cabin attendants working at the galley which looks kind of creepy. Not sure if he really got the approval from all of the CA like he said he did in the video description. Watching the video makes me miss flying on JAL even more.

It's definitely fun to watch what they do in the galley (in a non-creepy way) and understand their work more. I remember one time they were using a broken container to make coffee and the coffee leaked through the galley wall and got onto the floor around my seat. The ISM came to reassure me that everything is fine and it's just coffee LOL. I am pretty sure my upcoming trips will get my JAL craze satisfied. 18213 miles 7 flights 39 hours 40 minutes all on JAL :) If you see a guy keeps looking into the galley, that's probably me and no I am definitely not a stalker LOL



  1. 7 you must be an expert on JAL...LOL

  2. More like a JAL-holic LOL. Instead of taking the domestic flight from Tokyo to Osaka directly, I bought another Hong Kong-Japan roundtrip ticket . I know...I am completely hopeless LOL

  3. or you just like the hot chicks on the flights....

  4. probably don't take JAL too often. Most of the time I have some really experienced cabin crew on my flights which I am not complaining LOL