JAL to fight desertification in Inner Mongolia


For the forth year, JAL will support the "Inner Mongolia Greening Project Against Desertification" organized by OISCA International through its "JAL Miles for Eco" mileage drive. Between June 1 2009 and July 31 2009, JMB members can donate their mileage in units of 10,000 miles. JAL will contribute 1 yen per mile donated by its members. JMB Japan members can make donations through the special website (link won't work until June 1) while members from other region has to contact their regional JMB call centers.

 If you have some miles expiring soon and don't have any use of it, this is a good opportunity to do something to support the environment. I kind of hope they would allow a smaller unit of donation or simply donate all the expired miles between the two months to the project. 10,000 miles aren't a small number for some people and some people just simply don't have that much miles in their account. It would be nice if they allow mileage pooling for this special mileage drive too. Just my 2 cents.

Source: JAL Press Release



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