Tokyo-Sapporo first class first anniversary celebration


JAL first introduced their first domestic first class back in Dec 1 2007. Then they rolled out the domestic F class to the HND-SPK route in June 2008. To celebrate the first anniversary, first class passengers flying the HND-SPK route in June 2009 will receive special gifts from JAL, which includes a not for sale JAL domestic first class pamphlet and some kind of Japanese food (noodles? sake? sorry I can't read Japanese. Feel free to let me know what they are in the comment section) depending on the direction your fly. If you fly on June 1 2009, you will also receive some kind of not for sale leather good. You can refer to their special 1st anniversary page for details.

The screen capture below shows the gifts they are giving out. Top left is the special leather good; top right is the pamphlet; bottom left is the food for HND-SPK flights; bottom right is the food for SPK-HND flights.

Update: The gift for HND-SPK flights are soumen noodles and for SPK-HND flights are soba noodles. Thanks rochel for the translation :)



  1. Hi JALPak, Nice blog! The foods they are giving out are some soumen noodles (on the left) and some soba noodles (on the right). It sounds like each passenger will get a package of thse to take home with them.

  2. Thanks rochel! Glad that you like the blog. I will update my post to show your translation.