50th anniversary screen saver at JAL LAX check in counters


I am sitting at the LAX International Lounge now. Behind the Japan Airlines check-in counters, JAL is playing a LAX route 50th anniversary screensaver. It shows the planes they used in the old days to fly this route. This is actually pretty nice and keep me looking at the video for um....a minute while waiting for check in. It looks like they have much less counters now after they moved to the new area (old one is under renovation) and for some weird reasons the Economy line is shorter and the Executive class checked in agent looked at the Economy line to ask the next passenger to go to her counter while I am standing at the Executive line waiting. Weird...But she finally noticed me standing there waiting and she is very nice and provide a GREAT check in experience. So it makes up for the mistakes she made :P But seriously LAX is a mess. When can I just check in my bag and be done with it? As Black Adder suggests, we need a new airport LOL



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