JAL August movie list is up


Japan Airlines has uploaded its movie list for August. There's a change in the format compare to the previous month. Now they show a complete list of MAGIC-I, II, III, IV movies available instead of just MAGIC-I and II. However, they no longer show which movies are shown on the main screen nor what movies are available on business class on MAGIC-I and II flights.

The only movie from last month's selection is 17 Again. The rest are new additions. The movies available are (in MAGIC-I and II)

- X-Men Origins: Wolverine
- Star Trek
- Fast & Furious
- Taken
- Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
- 17 Again
- GOEMON (Japanese)
- April Bride (Japanese)
- DEATH NOTE (Japanese and in Premium cabins only)
- Hello, Schoolgirl (Korean)

- Monsters, Inc. (Premium cabins only)

- Disney Channel on JAL
- Ame-Talk!
- Premium Concert Billy Joel University of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia

You can find a complete list of movies available from JAL website.



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