JAL 787 Seat Map on Boston Flight is Now Available (Update 3)


[Update 3: JAL has yet made another slight modification to the seat map. For the latest version of the seat map, please refer to this post]
[Update 2: JAL has updated the 787 seat map. The seat maps shown on this page is outdated. For the slightly outdated version of the seat map, please refer to this post]
[Update: Added link to JAL NRT-BOS route page]

Japan Airlines (JAL) loaded the seat map of its 787 used on the new NRT-BOS route tonight. It has 2-2-2 configuration in Business Class cabin, and a 2-3-2 configuration in Economy Class cabin. This is just like the 763 cabin! It has a total of 237 seats (30C 207Y). In fact, if you look closer, it has the exact same configuration (minus the galley and lavatory) as the 767-300ER's A41 configuration. Below is the seat map taken from JAL website. (Please note that this is from the booking engine, not from the JAL aircraft configuration page. Therefore it could just be a placeholder until the final seat map is out as some have pointed out 7 seats per row in Y is a bit generous)

Business Class Cabin

JAL 787 Business Class Seat Map
JAL 787 Business Class Seat Map. Image by Japan Airlines.

Economy Class Cabin
JAL 787 Economy Class Cabin seat map
JAL 787 Economy Class seat map. Image by Japan Airlines.

Notice there's no galley nor lavatory info on the map right now. Row 45 is the exit row, so there are only 4 exit row seats in Y. It will be hard to get those :(

As expected this will feature the state of art MAGIC-V inflight entertainment system. But no business class hard product has been identified in the booking engine. It might mean we will see a brand new product on 787 or JAL will just use the skyrecliner used on the new 763 on this. We will find out soon I guess :)

JAL has created a special page for the new BOS route. More details of the cabin products will also be posted on that page too.



  1. I live in New Hampshire and I was thrilled to read about this news in the Boston press yesterday. The 787 was conceived as a game-changing aircraft meant to serve long-and-thin routes like this one. The fear I had was that airlines would assign the new plane to existing 'premiere' routes, which would push Boston further down the ladder. I applaud JAL for living up to the 787s value proposition by selecting Boston!