JAL to expand JAL SKY Wi-Fi to Southeast Asia routes


Japan Airlines (JAL) announces the JAL SKY Wi-Fi service expansion plan today. JAL will install eXConnect from Panasonic on its 777-200ER, 767-300ER, and 787 fleets aggressively to provide inflight internet service on long-haul flights to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

The expanded service will be rolled out by the end of fiscal year 2014, i.e. end of March 2015. Exact schedule will be announced later. No mention of how many aircrafts will be JAL SKY Wi-Fi capable but I would assume those with long-haul configurations will be part of this.

Although the press release only states long-haul Southeast Asia routes, I suspect medium-haul flights might be included as well. But we need to wait for JAL to roll out the service to find out.

Currently there are 1 hour and 24 hour unlimited usage options for JAL SKY Wi-Fi. If this is to roll out to shorter regional flights, I hope JAL will add a 3rd option. But either way, this will be much cheaper than ANA's expensive pricing on inflight Wi-Fi :P

For more details, you can refer to JAL Press Release (Japanese, English)



  1. I did enjoy the JAL sky wifi to NYC. It's be good to have it on flights to Thailand too :)