JAL Kaibutsu-kun (Mr Monster) Jet


JAL Kaibutsu-kun (Mr Monster) Jet
JAL Kaibutsu-kun (Mr Monster) Jet (Source: JAL website)

Japan Airlines (JAL) has once again cooperate with an animate to promote an upcoming animate movie, Kaibutsu-kun (Mr Monster). JAL has printed the main character Kaibutsu-kun (Mr Monster) played by no one other than Satishi Ohno from our favorite Japanese boy band Arashi (yea obviously right :p) on one of its Boeing 777-200 body (registration JA8985). The giant 17m x 5.7m decal is located at the aft section of the fuselage just like the one on the 2011 Arashi Jets.
It will be flying on JAL domestic flights between Tokyo Haneda (HND) and Osaka Itami (ITM), Fukuoka (FUK) and Sapporo Chitose (CTS) from November 1 2011 till early February 2012. Details on which routes this JAL Kaibustsu-kun Jet will be deployed on will be announced at 18:00 JST tomorrow (October 31 2011). The inaugural flight will be JL309 from Tokyo Haneda to Fukuoka on November 1 2011. It will depart HND at 09:15 and arrive FUK at 11:15.

Other than having the giant Kaibustu-kun on the outside, there's also something special inside the plane too. Special headrest covers with Kaibustsu-kun logo will be used throughout the plane (yea exciting right...well if you are a fan :p) Also, Kaibustsu-kun will be featured in the inflight entertainment too.

And for the SUPER fans (well of either the animate of more likely Arashi :p), JAL has provided the seat maps to indicate the corresponding location of Kaibustu-kun on the outside. So if you want to sit right at the lips of Kaibutsu-kun and virtually kiss him (I would imagine a lot of crazy Japanese girls would want that :p), that could be done. Just reserve 50-55HJK or 51-57ABC. Don't get upset or be disappointed if you can't reserve those seats in advanced, because JAL might not released all seats for advanced seating selection. And people upgrade to class-J at the airport too. So you will still have a chance to sit right next to Satishi Ohno san if you want. Just check with the check-in and gate agents :D

JAL Kaibutsu-kun (Mr Monster) Jet Seat Map (Right Hand Side) and Special Headrest Cover
JAL Kaibutsu-kun (Mr Monster) Jet Seat Map (Right Hand Side) and Special Headrest Cover (Source: JAL website)
JAL Kaibutsu-kun (Monster) Jet Seat Map (Left Hand Side)
JAL Kaibutsu-kun (Mr Monster) Jet Seat Map (Left Hand Side) (Source: JAL website)

For more details and the JAL Kaibutsu-kun Jet schedule, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese only)



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