[Update 2] JAL Updates 787 Seat Map on NRT-BOS Route


[Update 2: JAL has yet made another slight modification to the seat map. For the latest version of the economy class seat map, please refer to this post]
[Update: JAL has updated the booking engine to show the type of business class product used on 787. Details can be found on the latest post] Japan Airlines (JAL) has updated their 787 longhaul seat map. Until recently, JAL has been using the A43 configuration on 767-300ER as the place holder (well A43 minus the lavatories and galleys). The newly updated seat map reflects a bigger business class cabin and a 2-4-2 configuration in economy class instead of 2-3-2. Below are the detail seat map.
Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin still have a 2-2-2 configuration but 2 extra rows have been added. There are a total of 42 seats in the business class cabin. Given the number of rows in the front cabin, it should be the JAL Skyrecliner seats. It looks more like a real longhaul product to me. But whether this is the JAL Shell Flat NEO seat or a new product is still unknown as the booking engine does not identify the seat type.

Japan Airlines (JAL) 787 longhaul seat map JALのHPからB787の座席配置
JAL longhaul 787 business class cabin (Source: JAL website booking engine)

Economy Class Cabin
The economy class cabin will feature a 2-4-2 configuration with the exception of row 22 and row 45, which the 4 middle seats are missing. There are a total of 144 seats in the economy class cabin. For those of us who love to seat in the exit row, JAL has cleverly configure the economy class cabin to increase the number of exit row seats. They have installed an entire row of exit row at the back of the cabin, making the total number of exit row seats to 10! Well the only downside to this is you will be sitting at the back of the plane and get deplane last :o Well that's a trade off I will take if I can have unlimited legroom on a longhaul flight!

It's a really clever design to reduce the rear galley size by adding a middle galley in front of row 45. This way they have enough room to put an extra row at the end! They probably will have the Sky Oasis (self served bar) in front of row 45 too (well just my guess)

Japan Airlines (JAL) 787 longhaul seat map JALのHPからB787の座席配置
JAL longhaul 787 economy class cabin (Source: JAL website booking engine)

For inflight entertainment, JAL will install the state-of-art MAGIC-V system. At least that's what being shown in the economy class cabin. But the IFE version is missing in the business class cabin. But I would be really surprised if they are going to install a different version of IFE in business class.

Please note that this is just the seat map displayed on the reservation engine on JAL website. JAL has not officially announce the seat map of their 787 fleet. So any of these can change at any time. But unlike last time, this configuration does not match any of the current JAL configurations (definitely no 2-4-2 and a weird exit row at the back on existing aircraft :p). So this is be pretty close to what the final configuration will look like if it's not the final one. But I will definitely keep monitoring the seat map until it is officially announced :p

In case you want to look at the last placeholder seat map, you can refer to my previous post.



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