JAL reveals 787 interior and will take first 787 delivery on March 25 2012


FAA has eventually certified the GE powered 787-8 and therefore we finally have a firmed delivery date of the first Japan Airlines (JAL) 787. JAL will take delivery on March 25 2012. Then the plane will fly from Seattle Paine Field to Tokyo Narita the following day and will arrive on March 27 2012. And since we finally have a firmed delivery date, JAL has also reveal the long-haul configuration of their 787 and its interior.
Below is the delivery flight schedule

March 26 2012 departs Seattle Paine Field at 16:00
March 27 2012 arrives at Tokyo Narita at 18:30

As reported before, the JAL 787 will have a 2 class configuration with 42 JAL SELL FLAT NEO seats in a 2-2-2 configuration in the business class cabin and 144 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration in the economy cabin. What we didn't know until now is that the NEO seats installed on 787 is actually a wider version of the current NEO seats, 5 cm or 2 inches wider than those we see on the W82 configuration to be exact. The 2 inches increase in width is rather obvious to me when I first looked at the pictures (without knowing they are wider). So I would expect this will have a noticeable effects on the inflight comfort especially for the passengers who are on the wider side of the spectrum :P

The economy class passengers will also be able to enjoy a wider economy class seats too. Their seats will be 2 cm or 0.8 inches wider than the current seats used in 777.

Below are the specifications of the business and economy class seats

Business Class
Configuration: 2-2-2
Pitch: ~153 cm (60.2 inches)
Width in Upright Position: ~54 cm (21.3 inches) between armrests
IFE Screen: 15.4 inches touch panel
Recline: ~171 degrees
Others: Universal PC power outlet, USB port, RCA sockets

Economy Class
Configuration: 2-4-2
Pitch: ~79 cm (31.1 inches)
Width: ~47 cm (18.5 inches) between armrests
IFE Screen: 10.6 inches touch panel
Others: Universal PC power outlet, USB port, RCA sockets
Manufacturer: RECARO

Official seat map is not yet available on JAL website, but I expect it will appear there at any time now :)

Other than the standard features, JAL has also customized their cabin interior in the following ways:

1. Install the special warm-water ToTo Washlet jointly developed by Toto, JAMCO and Boeing in the business class cabin.

2. JAL's original onboard lighting design to create a soothing in-flight atmosphere evoking a sense of 4 seasons in Japan. So expect to see a pink cabin representing cherry blossoms in spring! With this design, JAL hopes to create a more conducive environment to help fight jet-lag and also make the in-flight meals more appetizing.

3. Of course last but not least is the SKY MANGA announced earlier as part of the MAGIC V IFE used on 787. There will be 31 titles of Japanese comics available at launch and JAL plans to expand this offering to English versions in the near future. For the complete list of SKY MANGA available at launch, you can refer to the last page of the PDF version of the JAL press release (Japanese only)

For more details, including pictures of the cabin interior, wider NEO seats and the cool lavatory, you can refer to JAL press release (Japanese, English)



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