Update on JAL Happiness Express special liveries


JAL Happiness Express livery design 1
JAL Happiness Express special livery design 1. Image by Japan Airlines.

Around 2 months ago, Japan Airlines (JAL) announced it will paint 6 of its planes with the JAL Happiness Express special livery to celebrate Tokyo Disney Resort's 30th anniversary. Today, JAL announced it has finished painting all 6 planes with 3 slightly different JAL Happiness Express liveries. These Happiness Express planes will be flying all over Japan until March 2014. To celebrate the this, JAL will launch a giveaway campaign for its domestic customers.

The first JAL Happiness Express design is the one revealed in the original press release. JAL painted this on the two 777-200, registration numbers JA8985 and JA773J. It features Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse on one side, and Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto on the other. All dressed in the 30th anniversary costumes. These planes will mainly fly on routes with Domestic First Class service, i.e between Tokyo Haneda (HND) and Osaka Itami (ITM), Fukuoka (FUK), Sapporo Chitose (CTS), and Okinawa Naha (OKA). But there are exceptions too. Currently JAL is operating JL1161 and JL1162 between HND and Hakodate (HKD) with JAL Happiness Express Jet No. 1 daily in June. JAL has announced a fixed schedule for Jet No. 1 but Jet No. 2 will be deployed on different flights each day and JAL will announce its schedule in the day before.

JAL Happiness Express special livery design 2
JAL Happiness Express special livery design 2. Image by Japan Airlines.

Design No. 2 features Micky Mouse and Donald Duck in the 30th anniversary costumes. This is painted on JA329J and JA339J, two 737-800 in JAL Express fleet. Any guess on who's going to be featured in the 3rd design?

JAL Happiness Express special livery design 3.
JAL Happiness Express special livery design 3. Image by Japan Airlines. 

Of course, there will be one featuring Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck dressed in the 30th anniversary costumes. Equal opportunities right :P This livery is painted on JA330J and JA332J, also 737-800 in JAL Express fleet.

I am not sure which one is Jet No. 3 and No. 4. But JAL has also announced its schedule in advanced. Just like Jet No. 2, Jet No. 5 and No. 6 will be flying on different routes every day.

If you fly on JAL Happiness Express 3 times on eligible fares between July 1 2013 and March 2014, you will be eligible to enter the giveaway campaign. Why 3? Because there are 3 different designs and it's the 30th anniversary (can't make it 30 as not that many people will qualify :P)! Most domestic tickets are eligible but there are definitely exceptions e.g. domestic tickets as part of an international itinerary. Prizes include tickets for 2 to Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo DisneySea Premium tour, or lunch buffet at Disney hotel. JAL will randomly select 15 passengers for each prize, so a total of 45 passengers and 90 lucky people :)

To find out more, you can refer to JAL Press Release (Japanese only). To check for the JAL Happiness Express Jets schedule, you can visit JAL website (Japanese only). The schedules for Jet No. 2, No. 5, and No. 6 will be posted at 18:00 JST every day. You can also check out how the special seat cover and paper cups look like on here too.



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