My 100th JAL Group flights: Introduction


Lately I came to the realization that if I keep my current trip report posting schedule, it will take me years to finish the backlog of trip reports I had. That's why I am trying to speed things up a bit now. Although it could be a bit confusing to have two different trip reports publishing at the same time, I believe more people will be interested in this more recent trip, which includes a review of the latest JAL SKY SUITE 777 (SS7) products JAL uses on its long-haul flights! That's why I am going to work on both at the same time :)

This trip report will cover the following flights:

  • Japan Airlines Business Class Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita
  • Japan Airlines Economy Class Tokyo Narita to Hong Kong
  • Japan Airlines Economy Class Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita
  • Japan Airlines Class J Tokyo Narita to Osaka Itami
  • Japan Transocean Air Class J Osaka Kansai to Okinawa Naha
  • Japan Airlines First Class Okinawa Naha to Tokyo Haneda
  • Japan Airlines Business Class Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles

So you may wonder how could there be multiple 100th flights. Well, that's because there are different ways to count the number of JAL flights taken, e.g. the number of flights since I was born, the number of flights since I joined JAL Mileage Bank (JMB), the number of mileage earning flights since I joined JMB, etc. Somehow, I managed to hit these 100th flight milestones during this single trip :D

While this might not seem a lot of flying for the road warrior, I am only a leisure traveler who based in Los Angeles. I probably would have achieved these milestones much earlier if I live in Japan or somewhere close by. So I am very happy with what I have achieved, especially since I paid for all of these trips out of my own pocket :)

This is actually an unplanned trip back home. I was only given a very short notice for this trip because of a family emergency. So there wasn't really too much planning going on. However, within hours, I managed to make a reservation to visit the JAL Hanger at Tokyo Haneda and booked on a SS7 flight at the same time! I guess I was "lucky" in a way that everything was aligned perfectly.

So what can you expect form this trip report? Well, other than the usual flights between Los Angeles and Tokyo Narita, I will also cover the Economy Class portion of my trip and the Domestic First Class for the first time. And there's also my experience on some new services such as JAL SKY Wi-Fi and JAL SKY SHARE. Of course, don't forget the newly refurbished lounge at Osaka Kansai and probably the most anticipated part - SS7 review. But since I will continue to cover these events in chronicle order,  you will have to bear with me for a little longer for the SS7 review :)

My 100th JAL Group Flights Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Japan Airlines JL061 Business Class from Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita



  1. Congrats on 100! How do you reserve a visit to the hanger?

  2. Thanks! I will have a walk-through post on how to do that later :)

  3. Where is the Ss7 review?

  4. Sorry I've been busy lately and will resume posting the trip report as soon as I can