More details and campaigns on Haneda international service


Japan Airlines (JAL) Haneda (HND) red-eye flight sample meal
Sample meals served on JAL Haneda red-eye flights. Image by Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced more details on the upcoming launch of new Haneda international service. There will be a new "Good Sleep & Refresh" service on the red-eye flights departing from Haneda which aims to provide a comfortable sleep for passengers. There will be a couple of campaigns to celebrate the internationalization of HND too.

Good Sleep & Refresh service
The new Good Sleep & Refresh service is based on JAL's popular Good Sleep service JAL has on some of the current red-eye flights. It aims to provide you a good night sleep and refresh you when you wake up so you will be ready for you day upon arrival.

In business class, to help you sleep comfortably, amenity kits will be handed out before takeoff. Light meals, drinks, and nightcap will be served and lights will be dimmed. To help you refresh, two choice of refreshing meals will be served, one choice for Japanese and one for Western meal. On Paris flights, meal will be served 6 hours after departure and passengers can order from the ala carte menu afterwards. On San Francisco flights, meal will be served before arrival.

In Premium Economy class, service will be similar. Lights are dimmed, snacks, including soup, are served to help you sleep. Amenities are handed out before departure. In Economy class, eye mask and ear plugs will be available upon request.

For the campaign details, I will wait for the English press release or do the rest of the translation later :p For now you can refer to JAL Press Release (in Japanese) for more details.



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