27th Anniversary of JL123 Accident


Today marks the 27th anniversary of Japan Airlines (JAL) flight 123 accident. Just like previous years, bereaved relatives and friends gathered at the crash site to offer prayers for their loved ones. JAL Chairman Masaru Onishi, who was heavily involved in the aftermath of JL123, also climbed the mountain and offered his prayer this morning. Later today, a memorial ceremony will be held which JAL President Yoshiharu Ueki plans to attend.

After 27 years, JL123 accident is still the world's most deadly single-aircraft accident which kills 524 passengers and crew members. Only 4 people onboard survived after the 747 lost control and crashed into the Ridge of Osutaka at 18:56. Investigation showed the accident was caused by the faulty repair conducted by Boeing.

There's a JAL Safety Promotion Center near Tokyo Haneda Airport which wreckages of JL123 were on displayed. Every JAL employee is required to visit the safety center to learn about flight safety. On JAL official Facebook pages, JAL also made some special posting today to raise the safety awareness. Mr. Shin from JAL Operation Division shares some safety insights. Before joining the Operation Division, Shin was a JAL pilot. He said senior pilots have always pass down the safety messages such as "Safety is the largest service that we can provide". "When in doubt, choose the safer alternative", and "Don't be afraid to be safety-conscious coward" to the juniors. If you are interested to read more, you can visit JAL official facebook page (JAL Japan, JAL Asia, JAL Hong Kong, JAL Taiwan).

Source: The Asaji Shimbun Digital (Japanese)



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