JAL to serve "AIR Taimeiken" on select long-haul flights this fall


JAL AIR Tamimeiken
JAL AIR Tamimeiken (Source: JAL Press Release)

Japan Airlines (JAL) has teamed up with the popular Japanese western restaurant Tamimeiken to create "AIR Taimeiken", 6th in the "Air Series" which JAL tie-up with well-known restaurants in Japan to provide special inflight meals. This will be served on select long-haul flights departing from Japan between September 1 and November 30 2012.

As seen in the picture, "AIR Taimeiken" consists of chicken fried rice and a soft omelet so passengers can have some fun and make their own omurice

JAL AIR Tamimeiken
JAL AIR Tamimeiken (Source: JAL Press Release)
Omurice is one of the popular contemporary Japanese fusion dishes. There are restaurants in Japan that specialize in omurice and Taimeken is known for its Dandelion Omurice which chefs from JAL and Taimeken have recreated it specially for you as the AIR Taimeiken. Just like the other AIR series dishes, JAL has specially designed the packaging so you can also choose to eat it in ways if you don't like omurice. You can just enjoy the dish as soft omelet roll and fried rice (yea...I know it isn't that much different from omurice :P) Of course, ketchup will be provided and you can add them the way you like it. It is also served with cole slaw and apricot jelly.

This is a limited time offer and is only available on select long-haul flights departing from Japan. Below are the details

September 1 - November 30 2012

From Tokyo Narita to New York JFK (JL006), Boston (JL008), Chicago (JL010), Los Angeles (JL062), London Heathrow (JL401), Paris (JL405), and Frankfurt (JL407)
From Tokyo Haneda to Paris (JL041) [Only available in Executive Class]

Available in all 4 classes (with the exception of JL041). Will be served as second meal before arrival in Premium Economy and Economy classes. Available as part of the a la carte menu in First and Executive classes

Note that this is not the first time JAL ties up with Taimeiken to create special inflight meals. JAL used to collaborate with Taimeiken to create the economy meals. Some of the more memorable ones are beef stroganoff which some people complained about the lack of beef in the dish (I personally enjoyed that dish though :P) So let's see if the chicken fried rice actually comes with chicken this time LOL

For more details, you can refer to JAL Press Release (Japanese, English). Note that there's a discrepancy between the Japanese and English regarding availability on HND-CDG flight. And we know which one to trust when it is from Japan Airlines ;)



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