JAL to introduce "Seaweed Ben" on select international routes departing from Tokyo Haneda


JAL NORIBEN (Seaweed Bento)
JAL NORIBEN or Seaweed Ben (Source: JAL Press Release)

Yes another inflight catering announcement from Japan Airlines (JAL) today (that's one more coming about the domestic cheese but I will wait for the English PR to be released so I don't have to translate all the cheese names which is a challenge :P)! This time it is something new, a bento box called "NORIBEN" or "Seaweed Ben". It is a collaboration between JAL and Soup Stock Tokyo, a famous fast food chain in Japan. JAL will be serving this special bento box on flights departing from Tokyo Haneda (HND) to San Francisco (SFO), Bangkok (BKK) and Singapore (SIN) between September 1 2012 and February 28 2013.

If you have been to the JAL lounges in Tokyo, you should be quite familiar with Soup Stock Tokyo. They are the company that provide the soup at the lounges. Also, JAL has collaborated with them to create the inflight meals on various routes. But most of them involve some kind of soup and this is their first collaboration without involving soup :P

The idea behind the Seaweed Ben is that JAL wants to create an hiking atmosphere. When the Japanese go hiking, they will pack a bento box and enjoy their bento with the beautiful scenery. Similarly, you can enjoy the bento box while starring at the sky LOL (which could be quick dark for those red-eye flights :o). Also, through the Seaweed Ben, JAL hope to promote the Japanese culinary culture to the foreign passengers as well.

The Seaweed Ben will feature top-rated seaweed from the Mikawa, Aichi, komachi rice from the Akita prefecture, bonito flakes from the Makurazaki, Kagoshima, and home-style Japanese omelet. Unfortunately the Seaweed Ben is only available in Economy and Premium Economy class. It will be served before arrival. The menu will change once in December during the promotion period. The menus will be as follow:

September 1 2012 - November 30 2012 menu will feature a grilled salmon, whitebait and chikuwa (fish meat paste)

JAL NORIBEN (Seaweed Bento) for Fall
JAL Seaweed Ben for Fall (Source: JAL Press Release)
December 1 2012 - February 28 2013 menu will feature grilled chicken and fried burdock

JAL NORIBEN (Seaweed Bento) for Winter
JAL Seaweed Ben for Winter (Source: JAL Press Release)
For more details on the JAL Seaweed Den, you can refer to the JAL Press Release (Japanese, English)



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