JAL develops special inflight meals for flights departing from Beijing


JAL develops special inflight meals for flights departing from Beijing
JAL develops special inflight meals for flights departing from Beijing. Image from Japan Airlines Facebook Page

One of the items on Japan Airlines (JAL) mid-term management plan is to improve the inflight meals served on flights departing from an outport. Recently JAL Beijing office has launched an initiative to do just that with the aim to provide fresh and delicious inflight meals to its customers.

During a cultural exchange event, Kumazawa san from the Beijing office found out that the pork bowl from Sapporo is extremely popular. He tried the dish and thought it would be a great addition to the inflight menu. So he immediately contacted the team in charge of product development in Sapporo and started developing this Sapporo pork bowl.

As usual, due to special conditions of the cabin, you will have to tweets the recipe a bit to keep the authentic taste. For example, if you follow the recipe used on the ground, the pork fat will melt more during the reheating process and the dish will become too greasy. So they have to pay special attention to the fat and limit the amount of reheating. But at the same time, they also have to try to keep the sweetness of the pork. It's definitely not an easy task but finally they have conquered the obstacles and created this special Sapporo pork bowl to be served in Business Class on flights departing from Japan.

Economy class passengers aren't left out in this inflight meal improvement program. JAL Beijing has cooperated with famous Japanese curry restaurant CoCo Ichibanya to create a special curry dish to be served in economy class on flights departing from Beijing. So technically we can call this AIR CoCo Ichibanya :P However JAL has not officially promote this as part of the AIR SERIES which it collaborates with famous Japanese restaurants to create inflight meals. I guess one of the main reasons is that this is a collaborate between JAL Beijing and CoCo Ichibanya Shanghai. So not really something done in Japan :P

Curry from CoCo Ichibanya will be served in economy class on flights departing from Beijing until end of August 2013. 

For more details, you can refer to JAL Official Facebook Page (Japanese only)

Personally I am not a fan of CoCo Ichibanya. It is a chain restaurant with global presence and you can see them throughout Japan. I had only tried once in the Los Angeles branch (maybe that's my mistake LOL) but the fish curry I had just wasn't what I expected. Now that they are collaborating with JAL, maybe I will give them another chance. But this time I will probably try this in Japan instead :P



  1. CoCo Ichibanya is pretty good -definitely don't order fish curry ;)

    Get a normal pork cutlet or similar, and try them in Japan. Cheap, cheerful, and tasty!

  2. But CoCo Ichibanya is more spicy than the normal Japanese curry :P