New JAL SKY SHARE service


SKY MAP, part of the new JAL SKY SHARE service
SKY MAP, part of the new JAL SKY SHARE service. Image from Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) is going to roll out a brand new inflight service called JAL SKY SHARE this spring for a limited time. Via the innovative JAL SKY SHARE, you can send personalized postcards and video messages to friends and families using photos taken during your flight. A youtube video summary will also be sent to you upon arrival. But in order to enjoy this service, you will need to be one of the paying customers of the JAL SKY Wi-Fi service as you will need to upload and send pictures via Wi-Fi during the flight.


Mobile version of the SKY MAP
Mobile version of the SKY MAP. Image from Japan Airlines

On the SKY MAP, you can see pictures taken during different stages of the flights. It includes pictures provided by JAL, pictures uploaded by you, and trivia of your flights, which are all represented by different icons on the map. You will also find your flight information such as aircraft type, class of service and seat number together with your name there too. 

Personalized Postcards

You can send personalized postcards to your friends via JAL SKY SHARE
You can send personalized postcards to your friends via JAL SKY SHARE. Image from Japan Airlines

Once you have found a picture that you like from the SKY MAP, you can click on the icons or buttons to share it with the loved ones. As you can see in the first SKY MAP photo, this service is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can share them via these social medias. But an alternative is to send them via e-mails and SNS as a customized postcard. So send them your inflight meals, drinks, pictures outside the window, etc.

Video Summary

Video summary from JAL SKY SHARE
Video summary from JAL SKY SHARE. Image from Japan Airlines

Upon arrival, JAL will also send you a 100-second video summary of your flight. This will include pictures uploaded by you during the flight too. Looks like this will be a video uploaded to youtube and you can also share them via integrated social media, e-mails and SNS just like before. 

However, this is a limited time service available on select routes and in Japanese only. So if you are one of the lucky passengers who travel on flights between Tokyo Narita (NRT) and New York (JFK), Chicago (ORD), and Los Angeles (LAX) between March 15 and May 31 2013 (tentative dates), all you have to do is to pay for the JAL SKY Wi-Fi and be able to read Japanese :P Note that the Jakarta (CGK) flights which will lose the JAL SKY Wi-Fi service due to the temporary equipment downgrade, and the London (LHR) and Frankfurt (FRA) flights which JAL plan to roll out JAL SKY Wi-Fi service in April are excluded from this service.

Hopefully JAL will extend this service beyond May 31 as I don't plan to travel to Japan before that date :P For more details, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese only). And if you go to that page, you will find an interesting SKY MAP on top which contains at least 4 problems. Can anyone spot them? (You can find the answers at the bottom of the page)

If anyone want to share their flight experience with me, feel free to send me pictures via my GMail account. My login is AskJALPak ;)

What's wrong with this SKY MAP?
What's wrong with this SKY MAP? Image from Japan Airlines

Problems found on the SKY MAP:
1. Missing icon for the picture shown (compare that to the first photo on top), only a red dot.
2. Flight number. JL006 is NRT-JFK. NRT-ORD should be JL010.
3. Class of service. 8A is C not Y (note that aircraft is "correct" in the sense that JAL sometimes use 777-300 to refer both 777-300ER and 777-300).
4. Flight time. Something is seriously wrong if JL010 has to delay for more than 12 hours and departs pass NRT curfew. And the scheduled flight duration is a bit longer than usual too.



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