Delta's response to oneworld's offer: we will raise our offer if needed


Delta President Edward Bastian told reports in Tokyo today that they are willing to raise their offer if requested by the Japanese government according to Reuters.

According to the Reuters article,

"We are putting our capital at risk, not someone else's capital ... I think that's important. However, if the (Japanese) government asks us to go back and raise more capital, we are happy to do so," Bastian told Reuters on the sidelines of the news conference.

But he also added teaming up with a third-party investor is also an option. However no requests from the Japanese Government has been made so far.

According AP article, JAL CEO Haruka Nishimatsu, JAL will make a decision on which offer to take by the end of the year. So we don't have to wait too long. But according to AFP, US and Japan might sign an "open skies" agreement as early as next week. ANA will likely file the anti-trust immunity application by end of the year. If JAL doesn't decide soon, it will lag ANA in the ATI application process and therefore will get its approval after ANA does. This will definitely put JAL at a disadvantage again.



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