November Trip Report Part III - LAX oneworld Lounge


LAX oneworld lounge
LAX oneworld lounge

Switching from the non-alliance lounge to the oneworld lounge at LAX is definitely an upgrade for Japan Airlines business class (non-oneworld elite) passengers. The part I like most of the oneworld lounge is the hot food!!! 

LAX oneworld lounge
LAX oneworld lounge

As you can see in the above pictures, the OW lounge was kind of empty when I was there on November 4 (Just to clarify, there were other people just I didn't capture them in my photos. I didn't have the lounge to myself LOL). I believe there were only one other flight that departs around the same time as JL061. Not sure where other JL061 business class passengers went (maybe the OW F class lounge? LOL).

The hot food served were:
- Beef stew in tomato sauce
- Tofu stir fry with mushroom
- Chow Mein
- Roasted potatoes
- Steam rice
- Tomato basil soup (taste like Campbell one LOL)

There were also fresh fruit, sandwiches, and some fresh vegetables.

I didn't have time to try the shower room, which the non-alliance lounge does not have. But I did used the restroom which is located inside the OW lounge, unlike the one at the non-alliance lounge.

The only complain I have is the lack of view at the OW lounge. Only F class lounge as a view of apron. The business class one has view! I think after it's done, we will be able to see the departure level. What a view LOL But if I have to choose between view and food, I am definitely choosing the latter.



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