JMB devaluation coming


Japan Airlines has announced mileage accumulation rate will be revised from April 1 2010.

Business class "I" fare accumulation rate will be reduced from 125% to 70%. Further revisions for applicable JAL Economy class for mileage accumulation will also be revised on/after April 1 2010. JAL will announce the details in January 2010. This is definitely bad news :( You can view the full announcement on JAL website.

Below are the current mileage accumulation rate (from JAL website)
150% - F, A
125% - J, C, D, I*
100% - W, Y
70% - B, E, H, K, X, M, L, V, Q
50% - S, N, O, G, R

* Will change to 70% from April 1 2010.

Not sure what the change in economy class is going to be. My GUESS is JAL is probably going to remove some booking class from the eligible list. And possibly lowering some accumulation rate, e.g. V class fare can only earn 50% miles. It's also possible to see 25% miles accumulation too...We will have to wait till January to find out. Hopefully K and N class will remain in the 70% and 50% group respectively :(

This is actually a smarter move than inflating the mileage redemption requirements. This way, it will be harder for people to qualify as JMB elites and therefore save more money on elite benefits. Better for JAL, worse for us :(



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