JAL retirees join employees to hand out flyers


Remember the "Let's do Something" movement back in September when Japan Airlines employees and CEO handed out flyers on the street? JAL employees did it again but the difference this time is JAL retirees joined them :)

18 JAL employees from the Sapporo branch together with 10 JAL retirees handed out flyers at the Sapporo JR Station asking people to fly on JAL. Sapporo-Haneda load factor was down by 7% in the first half of the fiscal year. That's why the Sapporo branch employees want to do something to help out JAL.

It's really nice of the JAL retirees to join force with the current employees and try to do something for JAL. Now only if the retirees would agree to the pension cut proposed. I know it's hard and will affect the retirement life of them, but without the cut, JAL might not even survive and I am not sure how much they will get after that. But at least what they can do is to volunteer like the 10 retirees.

Source: The Daily Yomiuri via Yahoo!



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