JAL is uploading the December menus


Finally Japan Airlines started uploading the J and Y menu on its December flights (F menus have been uploaded long time ago). Instead of doing the usual menu change at the beginning of the month, JAL decided to do the change on December 15 instead. And they kept delaying the menu upload (from end of Nov to early Dec but now they are still uploading. E.g. LAX-NRT hasn't been uploaded yet!)

To find out menus on your flight, you can visit JAL website (Japanese only)

PS: WOW the steak looks so good on NRT-LAX flights, I might just pick the western option for the first time on my return flight :)



  1. Keep up the posting. Really interesting. Who knows what will happen JAL but im personally sticking to ANA till things settle down and the outlook looks better.

  2. This will just drive JAL step further towards bankruptcy! I am willing to take the risk and stick with JAL. They need all any kind of help now, even as little as only take the rice cracker if you need it LOL