Is there a new JAL Arashi Jet coming soon?


[Update: JAL has announced the JAL Arashi Jet 2012 and the commencement flight has already took off]

Is a new Japan Airlines (JAL) Arashi Jet coming soon? Someone snapped a couple of pictures of what looks like will be a new JAL Arashi Jet at Tokyo Haneda (HND) and uploaded to Japanese website Fly Team. In the past 2 years, JAL has been painting some of their planes with the special Arashi liveries. But so far nothing has been announced yet for this year.

From the pictures, looks like the JA8979, a Boeing 777-200, will be used as the new JAL Arashi Jet. Previously this plane has been used as the old JAL Family Jet. Below are the links to the photos posted on Fly Team website.

JA8979 parked at HND with cover over Arashi faces
JA8979 parked at HND
JA8979 parked at Hanger 1
JA8979 parked at Hanger 2
JA8979 parked at Hanger 3

Another Japanese site 話題のニュース.jp has posted a photo of JAL painting the JAL Arashi Jet 2012. From that photo, you can see "Popcorn" was painted on the fuselage. This is most likely to promote their latest album "Popcorn" (are you surprised? :P)

Below are the previous versions of the JAL Arashi Jets
JAL Arashi Jet 2011
JAL Arashi Jet 2010

The JAL Arashi Jet 2012 seems to be ready now. I expect JAL to issue a press release soon. Most likely it will be flying the usual routes between Tokyo Haneda and Osaka Itami, Sapporo New Chitose, Fukuoka and Okinawa Naha for a limited time :)

Arashi has been the official spokespersons of JAL for the past couple of years. Other than having a special livery for them 3 years in a row, JAL has also featured them in a series of commercials. Below is just one of the few funny CMs they made which JAL pokes fun of the new low-cost carriers that serve weird drink with no inflight entertainment ;) But doesn't JAL own 1/3 of Jetstar Japan? LOL

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