JAL Arashi Jet 2012 took off! [Updated]


JAL Arashi Jet 2012. Image from Japan Airlines
JAL Arashi Jet 2012. Image from Japan Airlines

[Update: Added video at Osaka Itami Airport]

Airlines (JAL) has finally officially announced the JAL Arashi Jet 2012, the 3rd edition of the special Arashi livery. The special livery looks just like what the leaked photos I reported earlier today. This year's theme is "Japan and our skies", which is printed in Japanese in the forward section of the fuselage under the "ARASHI JET". JAL picked Arashi again as their spokespersons because of their wide demographic fan base which covers both young and older generations of men and females. JAL hopes to stimulate travel demands with the help of Arashi once again.  

Just like other special liveries, JAL uses high quality 3M stickers to paint the JAL Arashi Jet 2012. The special decal near the end of the fuselage is 63.7m x 18.5m. Last year JAL had 2 Arashi Jet 2011 flying all over Japan. But this year only 1 Arashi Jet will be painted and that's JA8979. As expected, it will mainly be flying between Tokyo Haneda and Osaka Itami, Fukuoka, Sapporo New Chitose, and Okinawa Naha. JAL plans to operate the Arashi Jet 2012 between October 23 2012 and end of March 2013. The commencement flight was JL305 from Tokyo Haneda to Fukuoka (yes the flight has actually landed already at the time of press. What a nice way to surprise their fans :P). Every day at 18:00 JST, JAL will update its website (Japanese only) to release the flights that will be operated by the Arashi Jet the next day. So you won't really know until the day before departure (What a sneaky way to encourage the super fans to travel more LOL)

JAL Arashi Jet 2012 seat map (left hand side)
JAL Arashi Jet 2012 seat map (left hand side). Image from Japan Airlines

JAL Arashi Jet 2012 seat map (right hand side)
JAL Arashi Jet 2012 seat map (right hand side). Image from Japan Airlines

And speaking of super fans, JAL has them cover too if they want to sit near their favorite Arashi members. Similar the previous Arashi related jets, JAL has published the seat maps to show which rows are aligned to the individual Arashi member on both sides of the fuselage. So if you want to get up close with them, you will have to pick between row 45 and 57 in the economy cabin :P

The service and interior of the JAL Arashi Jet will be the same as other JAL domestic flights. So no special headrest covers or paper cups (well I don't blame them because it will cost a lot if every super fan take one home as souvenirs right :P). It has the standard 777-200 domestic configuration W14 with a total of 375 seats (14 in First Class, 82 in Class J, 279 in Economy Class). But JAL will have special inflight entertainment featuring Arashi for a limited time. A total of 11 Arashi songs will be featured on most JAL domestic flights, with the exception of some 767 planes, during December and in MAGIC III and V on international flights between December and January. 

For more information on the JAL Arashi Jet 2012 and the song list, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese only)

Below is a video of JAL Arashi Jet 2012 landed and took off from Osaka Itami Airport today.



  1. Do they fly this and that Aibu Saki jet only on domestic routes? Do they fly 772 to the US? And I haven't see these in Shanghai.

  2. Yes, Arashi Jet and Aibu Saki Jet (does it still exist?) only fly domestically. JAL uses 777-200ER on its international flights not the shorter range 777-200. SFO is the only US destination with regular scheduled 777-200ER service in the US

  3. Aha, I see. Anyways, Sakitoku goes well with Aibu Saki. Interesting marketing idea.

  4. I wonder if they asked Aibu Saki because Ueto Aya was too expensive. After all Ueto Aya is the lead actress in Attention Please while Aibu Saki is only the supporting one :P