JAL updates long haul 787 seat map again


Back in October 2011, Japan Airlines (JAL) updated their Tokyo Narita (NRT) - Boston (BOS) 787 seat map replacing the 767-300ER template used before. The first thing that catch ones eyes is the extra row of exit row at the back of the economy class cabin. But JAL has once again slightly modified their seat map on this 787 flight and the extra exit row is gone :(

As you can see from the latest seat map below, there is no more emergency exit between row 54 and 55. The business class 2-2-2 and economy class 2-4-2 configurations remain the same and so does the capacity (42C 144Y).

JAL 787 economy class long haul configuration
JAL 787 economy class long haul configuration
And that's about all the change I spotted. You still only get the lavatory (possibly 4) behind row 29 and a galley in front of row 45. It's sad to see there are only 2 exit row seats, 45A and 45C in the economy cabin. 45H and 45K have a galley in front of it, which probably means this is a bulkhead seat instead. This is a bad news for economy class long haul travelers who enjoy the virtually unlimited legroom in the exit row :(

But there's still hope. As I am only getting the seat map through JAL booking engine, the galley in front of 45HK might not exist. It's hard to imagine how JAL can fit in a galley and 45HK there at the same time. They have to cut a row to fit in the galley in front of 46DEFG. So I suspect the galley in front of 45HK either doesn't exist or it could just be a tiny table for their sky oasis (self-served snack bar in economy class). Maybe they can leave the room underneath the counter top empty for legroom :p I know I am dreaming but this is a dreamliner right :)

The booking engine is still showing JAL Shell Flat NEO in the business class cabin with the state-of-art MAGIC-V inflight entertainment system in all cabins. It will be interesting to see if they will add the touch screen capability in the NEO seats and how practical that would be when the screen is that far away from you :D

For previous versions of the seat map, you can refer to my post in October and May 2011



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