JAL to serve "Air Yoshinoya" on select international flights


JAL's Air Yoshinoya
JAL's Air Yoshinoya (Soruce: JAL Press Release)

I know you are expecting Japan Airlines (JAL) to announce another collaboration with famous Japanese restaurant right? And you are right, after the Air Mos Burger collaboration with Mos Burger and Air Nikuman collaboration with Edosei, JAL will collaborate with Yoshinoya, the largest Japanese beef-bowl chain, and serve "Air Yoshinoya", a traditional beef-bowl, on select international flights between March 1 and May 31 2012.
Just like the previous collaboration, you can count on JAL to pay attention to every single detail when they designed this dish with Yoshinoya. So what so special about this Air Yoshinoya?

JAL has specially designed the Air Yoshinoya package so the beef and sauce will separate from the rice until the passengers are ready to enjoy it. So no soggy rice bowl :D Some Yoshinoya, e.g. those in HK, has a similar design in their take-out boxes to separate the rice and sauce/meat. But of course JAL's is much prettier :P

Extra Sauce
Due to the dry cabin environment, JAL has generously serve Air Yoshinoya with extra sauce! So passengers can have the same juicy beef bowl as if they were on the ground.

True Yoshinoya Experience
To recreate a true Yoshinoya experience, JAL has specially designed the package and tray mat with the familiar Yoshinoya logo and corporate color. Also, the same pickles, ginger, shichimi (seven-flavored spice) you get from the local Yoshinoya store will be served together with Air Yoshinoya too.

Multiple Ways to Enjoy
Thanks to the special packaging design, passengers can choose in enjoy Air Yoshinoya in multiple ways. First way to enjoy this is to enjoy this is to put the beef and sauce on top of the steamed rice to create a beef-bowl, aka gyudon. The second way is eat this separately as a beef plate with steamed rice, aka gyusara. Of course you can create many other ways by adding the pickles, ginger and spices as the way you would prefer.

Unlike the previous collaborations which are only originally available in Premium Economy and Economy cabins, JAL will serve the Air Yoshinoya in ALL cabins this time! First and Executive class passengers can order Air Yoshinoya from the a la carte menu any time after the first meal service. While Premium Economy and Economy class passengers will enjoy this as the second meal served before arrival with almond jelly.

However, Air Yoshinoya will only be available on flights departing from Japan to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Frankfurt. Yes, still no love for Paris and San Francisco. For more details, you can refer to JAL Press Release (Japanese, English)



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