JAL x The Peninsula 787 Chocolate


JAL x The Peninsula 787 Chocolate (Source: JAL Facebook)

Japan Airlines (JAL) has collaborate with The Peninsula from Hong Kong to create a special 787 chocolate to celebrate the coming introduction of Boeing 787 to JAL fleet. Boeing 787 and JAL are printed on this special chocolate.

According to JAL facebook, this chocolate is made with a secret recipe resulting in a high aroma and fine taste. There are four different chocolate in the set, but only two of them are printed with the special graphics (others have The Peninsula related graphics). If you want to try this special 787 chocolate, you can buy them from inflight shopping. JAL is now offering them on both domestic and international flights. Each box (16 chocolates, 4 from each type) costs only 3,000 yen and 2,800 yen on domestic and international flights respectively. Passengers with eligible JAL affiliated credit card can get discount as usual :) You can find the details of inflight shopping on JAL website (domestic flights, international flights).

I am kind of disappointed that they only simply print the word "JAL" on the round chocolate. Don't you think that shape fits perfectly with their new crane logo? :P



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