Eco Jet #2 and more fuel saving initiative


Japan Airlines is expanding its Eco Jet to the international fleet. The Eco Jet Number 2 (JA731J) is a Boeing 777-300ER and will be used in the Tokyo- London, Paris, Frankfurt and Seoul. But it took its first flight on August 4, 2009 as JL711 from Tokyo to Singapore. Don't get surprised when you see a green tail plane.

Another fuel saving idea JAL has is to use plastic bottles for the wines in Economy class. JAL will be the first Asian carrier to use PET wine bottles in its flight. According to the press release, the wine taste won't change due to this and PET bottle only weigh 1/7 of the glass bottle currently used. This translate to millions of saving every year. This will start with JL403 on August 6, 2009, which is operated by the JAL Eco Jet, and will gradually be extended to the rest of JAL international network.

If PET bottle is this great and won't change the taste of the wine at all, why stop at economy class? Especially since they look identical with the glass bottles, why not use it in premium cabins too? The passengers in C and F cabins are not going to touch the bottle at all so they won't even know LOL. So I am not sure if PET bottles can really preserve the taste of the wine, a wine expert might be able to tell the differences after all.

Source: JAL Press Release



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