Enhanced inflight meals on certain flights


Japan Airlines has announced enhancement of its economy class inflight meals on flights to Europe flights selected South East Asia cities. JAL will also introduce a new business class autumn menu on flights to Korea.

A special series of Soramen will be served in business class on Korea-bound flights from Osaka and Nagoya in September. A spicy tan tan noodle will be served between September 1 and 15, while a bang bang chicken noodle will be served between September 16 and 30. As you can see in the pictures, they will be presented in a bento box.

For the economy meal enhancement, JAL will collaborate with Nihonbashi Taimeiken, a famous western-style restaurant, to offer in-flight versions of their original menus. This will be available on Europe-bound flights and Southeast Asia-bound flights (except Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Denpasar).

Keema Curry (Pork Curry), Hayashi Rice, and Demi-glace Sauce Hamburger with rice will be served in September, October, and November respectively.

Now I feel left out for not having this special collaboration meals on US-bound flights.

Source: JAL Press Release



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