New carry-on rules for JAL flights


JAL, ANA, Air Do, Skynet Asia Airways and Skymark Airlines will adopt new and standardized carry-on baggage rules starting in December. This will reduce the passengers' confusion on how many carry-on baggages they can carry.

Currently each carrier have different rules for different aircraft and this causes confusions among passengers. Under the new system, passengers are allowed to bring carry-on items that weigh less than or equal to 10kg. But the dimension limit will depend on the number of seats on the aircraft. For flight with less than 100 seats, the maximum dimensions are 40x20x35cm and the limit for flights with more than 100 seats is 55x25x40cm.

JAL is currently promoting this new carry-on system in Haneda and cabin attendants are handing out paper fan with the new rules printed on it. Now I need to go to Haneda as part of my mileage run and get a hold of some of those paper fans LOL. I got some other JAL paper fans when I was at Itami last month and they look nice :)

Source: The Japan Times



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