JAL will release restructuring plan by end of September


I know it takes time to prepare the restructuring of a company of Japan Airlines' size. But this is not the first day or even month that JAL knows they need to restructure their business. Even the restructuring panel criticizes JAL's plan during their first meeting.

Nishimatsu (JAL CEO) said the panel told him that the airline's recovery scenario lacked specific details, as well as a sense of urgency.

Are you kidding me!?!? It lacks a sense of urgency! JAL lost 99 billion yen in last quarter and they still don't think it's urgent to turnaround? Either the panel are too picky or JAL management is way too optimistic on the economy recovery.

JAL has promised to release the detail of its restructuring plan by the end of September. Let's wait and see what are in their mind. One thing certain though, big changes are coming.

Source: Easy Bourse



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