JAL Premium Value Saver fare is MORE EXPENSIVE than JAL Premium Value fare?


If you are not familiar with Japan Airlines' Premium Economy fares, you can check it out here. The major differences between the two fares are JAL Premium Value fare is upgradable, valid for 6 months instead of 4, has 100% mileage accumulation rate and is refundable even after departure.

If you click the "sample fares" button on the fare page above (or access sample page here: JAL Premium Value Saver sample fares and JAL Premium Value sample fares), you can see the less restrictive JAL Premium Value fare is actually USD600-700 CHEAPER!?!?!

There have been A LOT of mistakes they made on their website lately. This is the forth one I informed JAL in the last two days. I hope this is not due to the recent cost saving measures. If that's the case, I offer to do the proofreading for you for FREE. I am serious!



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